11 Dec 2011

Alert Pt II (its a fake)

Welcome to Malaysia you fucking Fakes!

Clone guitars is one thing,but fake string is really asking for it(my foot).

3 days ago a client(a noobie) turn up for restringing work.As i was opening the "D'addarios" set. It suddenly felt different.I knew something wasn't right.The feel was wrong,the flex was wrong and the ball was colored but a bit different.For your information I am a D'addario user for 12 years(until yesterday).

I persuaded him to sell me the extra pack.The next day I went out and bought another pack for comparison.

As i suspected it turn to be true.Unlucky for the Fake String Dealer one your product turn up on Yustech bench.haha

I am not here to tell which one is the fakes and at the same time help them improve their packaging.
I am here to educate you,so if you have the old pack in the thrash can,find it and use it for comparison.haha

String business is a repeating business.Globally generating Millions.So I won't be surprise if a hit contract is issued on my head..haha

He bought the fakes for RM24.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

A = real
B = fake

YusTech said...

Don't know.:D

Hafiz Azhar said...

Hahaha.. Report la.. Can have gift from D'Addario :)

YusTech said...

email already...haha

Cikgu Aziz said...

Hopefully, the culprits will be brought to justice, and we will be rid of such fakes.