7 May 2014

Ibanez RG550XH

 You do this when your brand commands significant portion of the market.Well built.Only from the wacky world of Ibanez R&D  teen dept.

Anti Edge III


Ijau D. Koceng said...

beyond 24-fret (27-30) - dah masuk dimensi ke-4 tu hahaha

YusTech said...

why not 36.three octave..haha

Dana Guitar Lanke said...

I like the idea of more frets.. All my 18 Guitars have 24 frets. I don't play up above the 20th fret all that often. But when I need to (and I DO need that range sometimes) it's Great to have it. I feel that with 30 frets , playing up around the 22-26 frets will be much more accessible .

YusTech said...

I get what you mean.Its fun to have when wanted.