31 Aug 2013

Fender Jaguar JG66

Another first on my bench model.They call this an "Offset". Well built as they always do in Japan.Thumbs up.The work involve are only pickups change and minor wire work and mandatory Switchcraft Output Jack.A set of SD Quarter Pounder is used in place of the default tone generator.Them pole pieces are unlike regular single coil however having no audible experience with such Duncan product made me reserve my opinion about its tone.I'm unsure whether its the body shape or the pickups.Its quiet uninviting to play Metal or Blues lick on it.Nirvana tunes seems to be at home.Hehe.
As for the new pickups.It does look quiet "Garang". I really wasn't sure if I should've take out the default metal holder from the default pickups and shove it in the SD's.Don't think I want to do that hence It looks "Bogel".

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