2 Sep 2013

Egnater Tweaker

"It has that problem just now at my home,its seems work fine now in your workshop?"

In electronic repairs its call an "Intermittent Problem". A symptom that I'm not fond to.If its a guitar it should be easy to swap things and test.But for amps that has 129 components or so,most of them has 2 legs,some with 3 or more.So its quiet a nightmare for us Tech especially when the components looks alright and work alright through out its temporary stay in the workshop.

What can you do?Mmm..Not much.Open it up,solder as much component you see as possible then close it back.Call up a friend that has some free time.Don't tell him that you wanted him to test it to see whether it'll give out problem or not after but instead tell him you have an interesting tube amp to try out.Have him sit in front of you while you attend other repairs.Be sure to gesture or ask something about the tones every 10 minutes or so he doesn't suspect you using him as a human testing equipment.Hehe..

Still nothing wrong after.Write a bill for RM120 and call up the owner to collect.Electronics is a money maker.To my Vocational school teacher,I have to agree.Your advice to me 20 odd years ago is indeed nothing short of the truth.

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Ijau D. Koceng said...

mini head with matching cab always looks cool

(GASsing for marshall mini stack)