29 Aug 2013

Gibson Epiphone Worn Firebird Studio

There's nothing exiting like receiving a guitar that I've only seen in Magazine.Why is it so?Well first of you get to touch it of course.Nothing beats first hand experience.What so special about this particular Epi.Only one thing I'm afraid.The Tuners.At a glance it looks as if it doesn't have any.From the front it does look like the put them face front but behind there's six metal dome knob that invites the fingers to turn it.This I have to say is nothing short of Intriguing.How do one restring this axe?

There's six machine head like "T" thing (what do you call them?) acts as a string lock.Loosening it CC will release the pinching mechanism inside to release the string.

Put in new strings,turn the the T lock finger tight,turn the knob behind and tune.Simple as that isn't it?Not quiet Sir.As I was tuning it the B string kept going flat and slipping bit by bit.Maybe I didn't pinch it tight enough(That's what I thought).I loosen it,pull the B string,re do the procedure,got bloody poked the string in the process and tune it.Again it fails to reach its pitch.I'm beginning to feel annoyed.Who's the idiot that invented this?It can't be the Germans.I loosen again and decided to dismantle the machine head to have a close look.There's absolutely nothing wrong with it.Threads looked fine though.Mmmm...I pretty much lock as tight earlier as the other strings.Why is it slipping?How do you tight it?With your feet?

And with my feet it was...one on lower horn and the other on top.Left hand equip with vise grip to pull the string while the right turning the T lock as hard as the fingers could go(I have small fingers). Never thought I'd strung it in such rude manner.I swear if it shows sign of slipping again I'm going to resort to my spanner.

And it slipped again and Mr Spanner to the rescue.I don't know whether I'm breaking any rules in the manual but at this point manual be damned.I want this excitement turned disappointment to be done and out.Success it was.At pitch it went like,quick and I'm done.I also gave Mr.Spanner a go at the other T lock too.Maybe its(the machine heads) nearing its end I don't know.All I know I never have to use all my four limbs to string up a B string before.It would certainly look weird if I had to do it in front of a client and all."Have a sit Sir while I take off my shoes and string up your guitar".Ha ha.


Cikgu Aziz said...

Thank you for the detailed pics and informative report. Made for a very satisfying and educational read. Hope you charged extra for fixing the nut with an ivory shim. Ivory is expensive stuff. Lucky customer!

raizil said...

fuh.finally.. so long never post anything la encik Yus. terasa rindu pulak