12 August 2013

The Original's,Replicas,Copies and Fakes. Part III

The Salesman and his ethics.

The customer(us) has the right to be dumb or pretend to be one.I have situation where I had to explain to a person what's what about a product only to find out that he knows more than I and beyond.For he is a wise observant customer,listening to each and every word that comes out my mouth,pitting my by the book/catalog knowledge against his detailed up to date research.A slight error and he'll be on his way to the next store.Purely pushing yours truly to really earn his sales.A noble thing to do.

Even when I'm trying to sell something to a Noobie but then again I wouldn't know that until very much later in the consultation now,would I? But despite that he still gets the same sales talk as like the early wise bloke does.Even if that Noobie didn't buy anything from me but at least because of me,he's a learned person today compared to the day before.

This post is a Head to head review of 2 guitars.The above is Fender Squier Sham Kamikaze Sig.I like the sound of it as a matter of fact I'm going to say it again.The "Fender Squier Sham Kamikaze Sig".We call it "Fender/Squier Sham Kame" for short,"Sham Kame" for shorter.

Below is a Fake "Fender YJM Sig".The YJM stands fo "Yakin Jahanam Model" instead of the Fat Swedish Guitar Player.

I'm no Moral Police to tell you what's good or bad for you.In fact you have every right to spend your money in whatever way you see fit.I'm also no Finance Adviser telling how you should plan your annual earnings.

To Bob,Adnan,Hazmi and Legacy Studio.I'm not trying to ruin your business.Its your misleading and failure to present your products as it should be at the same fucking up the industry.Be it individual or companies.Consider this post as a FREE Advertising for all of you.Read and understand my next phrase below.

"A right is a right even if no one is doing it,a wrong is still a wrong even when everyone's doing it"

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 Thank you an enjoy.



How bout the sound? Logically Sham's better, but still what will you say Bang?

YusTech said...

Personally Electronics/Hardware upgrade would further improve it.But given the price,construction and finish than the other.I could get by with it as it is just fine.2 cent.

Ijau D. Koceng said...

yakin jahanam model... pergh~