11 August 2013

The Original's,Replicas,Copies and Fakes. Part II

That Sundry Shop.

About 20 meters away from my workshop there's this Sundry shop a.k.a General store what you call in America.Now I can probably guess there's probably nearly 300 item in his store which he knows what,where and why they are there for.Now when I go there and buy something that I don't buy on a daily basis.I would suddenly become a Dumb customer.I would ask him what's good about the product I'm buying when clearly I could've just read it of the package.Why do I unintentional ask him about it?. Maybe for the sake of conversation.I don't know.The point is he knows about that 300 items in his store.Why?Because it's his Business and Responsibility to do so.What can you make of a person that sells single products like Fake Guitars claiming he knows zilch about the products he's selling.Mind you,from what I've heard 2 of these sellers are Guitar Tech in their own right.Yep.That's right.Fuck up my field and Thank you very much.Its bull shit alright.

So to that GN Admin/Vendor Tech who posted comments in my FB wall telling me that they might not know what their selling is in fact pure illogically nonsense.I think the 3 of you should hang out together.Become an entity.Maybe your group should be a center for all to sell fakes?Wouldn't want to disappoint your friends now do we?Congrats for openly making yourself look publicly stupid on my wall.Go ponder about how your baseless remark/thoughts/beliefs would've impact the Noobie and/or to your other Vendor Shop that sells originals.People say I don't mince my words.Well I'm beginning to agree with them.Pounded and owned here indeed by yours truly.Ha ha.

Point?Do your homework prior doing your marketing work.You definitely don't want people to perceive you as the Idiot Salesman.Its not a "I bet I can fool my customers if I'm lucky" game you playing.Are you?

That salesman and his Justification

I was a salesman years ago.A bad salesman so to say with very few milestone sale numbers..I had a good decade doing it from 1999 to 2010 so I know about sales pitch,small talk and all the nonsense crap to be one.Now what's this Justification word means in the contexts of musical instrument retailing business.Below is an actual example of my past experience.Read closely to how this writer was trying to closed a sale.

Situation Critical 1.

Client - I like the Japanese Jackson that you let me try earlier but its seem to be above my pay grade.Let alone the USA ones.Honestly,they're fantastic guitars really but I'm afraid not today.Do you have others?

Yustech - No problem bro,we also have the entry level ones which are much affordable unlike those two.Their made in Korea,though you may loose some of the spec of other two but I'm sure you'll not be disappointed when trying it out.It plays as good too.Let me give a Demo(Playing my best practice licks).....here..you try it.

Client - This one's quiet a looker but its not as good as those earlier two..Mmmm.

Yustech - Don't worry about that.I'm sure we can up the guts later on.Come on bro.it has the exact Jackson logo as the Japanese and American ones do.Its still Jackson Guitars and much cheaper too..Don't wait until its gone.Better to have this (pointing at it) than a copy(pointing outside at the Mitsubishi wannabe Proton Wira).I started with an Aria Pro XL before I got mine.Be a man!Do the right thing.!

Client - Yup..I have to agree on the Logo thing plus this one is indeed more affordable.I guess I'm going to go for it.

Yustech - My man.You won't regret this.After I ring this up we can talk more about the upgrades when you're ready for it.

In the example above the writer applied his learned sales tactics by playing with the client emotions,comparing prices,telling the truth and emphasizing the originality in order to make the client justify his purchase.The above are quiet common for any salesman.In the next example I will simulate a similar situation but with fakes.Mind you I never been one so this is a Reenactment.

Situation Critical 2

Yustech - Hello and welcome bro.Can I show you something.?

Client - Sure..You have any good stuff.?

Yustech - Definitely,these are the current hot stuff.As you can see Gibson,Fender,Music Man,ESP,Jackson.

Client - Wow you sure have it all under one roof.Could I walk and look around first.?

Yustech - Sure thing...If you don't find what you're looking for whatever it is.?We can pretty much custom made one for you.

Client - Hey.isn't that a Fender YJM on the wall.?

Yustech - Yes.that's right..here let me take it down for you.A Malmsteen fan aren't you?Here,I let you try it if you wish.(Plugging the guitar to a Digital amp)

Client - (playing with it few minutes) Where's it made and how much?

Yustech - This one is custom Made in Korea and we selling it at RM1580..can nego if you're serious.

Client - Oooo.....

Yustech - Its what you call a Replica.Look at that finish!!Its looks exactly like the USA one does.

Client - I like it and at a glance it does look like the real thing.How much you willing to go down?

Yustech - Not much la.I can probably let you have for RM1200.The real ones cost RM8000!! or so you know.This one works as well too.Its a Fender bro!!. Where else could you get this price?Certainly not at Bentley.Look at how they priced their guitars.Its crazy!..RM1200 is in fact quiet cheap for a YJM.Hows that.?

Client - Mmm..not much huh...I have probably RM800 in my pocket now..Its okay Sir.Maybe another day.

Yustech - Wait wait now...don't be like that now.How about we meet up at RM880.Furthermore this is our best selling guitars.It might be gone soon.With the savings you can upgrade your guitar after.You know Pickups and what not.Come on bro.Just RM80 more and its yours plus I give you a pack of string too.Take it and go..take it..........and go :)

Client - Wow...I'm sure I can come up with the RM80 later today.Here's RM800 write me a receipt.I'll comeback with the RM80 later.

Yustech - No need receipt bro.You trust me I trust you.Where can I go with your RM800?I polish it and set it by the time you pick it up.

Client - Sure thing..See you later..

Now Readers.I'm sure I'm more or less 70% accurate about the above and am definitely sure the word FAKE never gets mention in the real consultation.These idiots even claims the products comes from Korea and Indonesia.Believe me it looks convincingly China made to me.How do you feel if someone in USA trying to sell stuff claiming its Made in Malaysia when its not?Don't shit at other countries now?

Point?Be proud about the product you selling.Be it Original or what not,where ever it goes,so does your name.So to Guitarpart Bob,Adnan Music Galaxy,Hazmirockarena,Legacy Studio and others that I'm unaware about do Explain it as it is not as you like it.Don't mislead and don't be a Dumb Proxy.You brought this on yourself.Before I end my rants I leave you these 2 guitars.One is a Fender Squier Sham Kamikaze Sig. with a Price Tag of RM1480.The other is a Fake Fender YJM price at RM1580.More of it in my next post.

Part III Here 


solo hentam said...

Thank you for sharing bro...sangat dihargai...double thump up :)

YusTech said...

Your welcome.Eid Mubarak.

Ijau D. Koceng said...

ni yg buat teringin (GAS) nak beli squier

bkn sham sig, tapi deluxe strat :)

Kurt said...

Pay RM50 just to get a stupidity from them...thats why I refused to renew the membership....