11 August 2013

Vigier Excalibur Shawn Lane Master signature

Its from France!.."What?How?When?Why?"....Don't they already have enough offerings to the world like Zidane,Hendry,Paris Hilton,Pijot(Peugoet),Citron(Citroen),Fries and Wine?Apparently its been going on for a long while now.Since 1978 to be exact and my guess would be that Patrice had his son drew the company logo."Look Papa,I draw my name"Mercy borque,Papa will bring this to work tomorrow" That really explains why its horribly ugly but nothing you can do about it.He's keeping it the way it is.Sigh....I'm glad to get that out of me chest.But hey..who am I judge to a design.Remember,they gave the world Fashion's too.

This ugly 35 year ugly logo is name the "Excalibur" instead of their own "Grenadier a Cheval de la Garde" which would never leave any room for Shawn Lane initial was sent for a pickup changes and volume response issues.Swap pickup,Replace pots and Done.Time to have a go at this Frenchman.

As I was tweaking the back spring I was looking for the truss rod.Unfortunately its no where to be found.Perhaps they forgot to put in? "Wait!!" says the staff,"I forgot to put the truss rod in it!" To late now,its already left the port.Ha ha...Doing the norm neck sighting its in fact is dead straight as an arrow with no bow.Most of us would know about them strong moister free Baked,Roasted,Caramelized,Oven or Over Cooked necks.Vigier ignores such mumbo jumbo and seems to be using a different kind of reinforcement by combining both wood and carbon fibre.They call it the 90/10 neck.90 percent wood with 10 percent Composite material..This is even better!No truss rod and its never needed.Its like a neck impregnated with Viagra(lots if it).Lifetime Stiffness and Satifaction guaranteed.I have to say from my knowledge,no company dare to do what Patrice Vigier does.Is there?Thumbs up Patrice!

It that all?There's more!The fingerboard is Dead Flat similar to classical guitars or to we Malaysian the Kapok Guitars.It felt awkward for the first 10 sec or so but after that you begin to find your fingers has a mind of their own,going to positions that you'd normally avoid on normal guitars.A normal guitar it is not.If you want super low action,there's many out there.But if you're want ultra lowest in the world provided you accept the ugly headstock.Look no where else.Its possible and its here already.Applause!!!

So I'm done already?Not yet...one more.The Trem system.Its made by Schaller but was probably designed by Patrice himself.Its sought of like a hinge to the eye.Despite the outlook its surpasses the smoothness of a Floyd like trem.What ever I throw at be it flutter or divebomb it always manages to return it self to base.And the arm.That thick arm is really fulfilling to grab on to.You feel as though you're holding the whole Trem in hand.The collaboration between Vigier(French Eccentricity) and Schaller(German's Metallurgy Extraordinaire ) indeed gave fruitful pleasures for Trem players alike.

Thumbs up Patrice Vigier and this "Excalibur" but then again I really like to call it Vigier "Viagra".It sounds much suited.Ha ha.

Thank you and enjoy


Mark Rael said...

Dude I have one of these and YES the logo is very bad.. I thought I was the only one who thinks so. Funny that you feel the same about it. Amazing guitar and equally amazingly ugly logo. :-)

YusTech said...

4 years later I still think this Vigier is technically good and visually fuhly. LOL