28 November 2013

Ibanez AR300BS Part II

Some of you might remember this not long ago.Its just a magnificent guitar and worthy to be featured for the second time.

The quest for that ultimate tones can be a long learning journey for most of us.Some of us can be said to be lucky to have gotten it right the first time.For the rest,myself included,the same can't be said entirely.

For this client of mine and after a year or two of trying out Seymour and Dimarzio he finally found his in EMG.Infact all of his guitars are equipped with it.As for yours truly,well I'm just glad to be apart of the money making process(installation).He he.

How does these new EMG's fair compared to its other siblings? Well how about brush steel for appearance instead of the usual plastic casing and according to not my ears but my friend.Its full of clarity and has sustain.Don't take mine or his word for it.The best judge is no one but yourself.Buy one opps...I mean find who has it and try it today!

Will we see a retaliation from Seymour Duncan soon?Only time and sales figure will tell.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

don't worry bro, 66/57 mmg model baru (rasanya debuted tahun lps or 2011 kot?) so kalau baru tau pun takde hal hehehe...

YusTech said...

Selalu terlambat tahu dalam accesory guitar.He he.

Ijau D. Koceng said...

subscribe/follow these, for sure selalu up-to-date (sort of):

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YusTech said...

Terima kasih