20 November 2013

Line 6 HD500

 Cleaning switches can be a money maker.

The unit suffers intermittent and sometime late response footswitch activation.The tactile switches were thought to be hoarding dirt from years of undergrounds and caves gigging.I was reluctant to replace them but instead gave each of them a good squirt of Contact Cleaner.Seems to work fine and hopefully would still be in years ahead.As some of you know.I'm not a fan of anything Digital especially with equipment that has proprietary technology that evidently prove to be impossible to manually troubleshoot because it requires top secret codes and programming tool which are only exclusively given to Line 6's appointed distributors.Do they have posses it? Having said that I didn't review this product so called wonderful tones.

Analog Tech
Yustech GT.

1 comment:

Ijau D. Koceng said...

"from years of undergrounds and caves gigging"

hahaha mmg betul, nampak macam tak pernah dilap (checkout the expression pedal)