19 November 2013

Untitle Guitar

 A young University student made an appointment to see me about his guitar.It seem he spotted a few possible fret buzz and electronics problems.Some loose wiring was possibly the culprit too.So he possibly thought.There's a possibility.

Doing my usual inspection at his presence,I concur some fret buzz and the electronics disturbance are coming possibly from his pickups.He was thinking of doing a full fretwork but didn't expect the pickups will be a major threat to his possibly tight students allowance.I can understood that.I possibly remembered my student days living in a hostel surviving with just RM30 a month.At the time a Set of D'addario were RM13 I think.Thankfully there were those cheap Lion strings that often possibly can be bought from sundry or stationary shops.Anyway possibly back to this post.

As I was taking apart the guitar,I had a suspicious feeling about it.The more I took it apart the clearer this is possibly not a possible Epiphone.Visits to forum confirmed this.Soon after the owner drop by and I told him the truth about his guitar.He was possibly surprise and was quiet frustrated.We both agreed to abandon the possibly expensive fretwork on his impossibly Epi to be.The only thing to do was to repair it so it could be played for the lowest cost possible.A possible fret leveling and setup was the chosen chore.As for the pickups.The neck pickup was provided by him while I provided a cheap Ibanez pickup for the bridge.Its not much but it did the work without any possible microphonics.

I may have possibly lost RM700 worth of guitar work and profit when I told him the truth but on that day I gained experience and most valuable of all, friendship.We've probably heard of Caveat Lector but I prefer Sellers Beware.If you selling fake instruments in Selangor,just make possibly sure your product don't end up on my bench.Well..its sometime can be impossible to keep track isn't it.Yes,the possibility is there. 

Possibly a Tech.
Yustech GT.

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