14 July 2019

Yamaha TSX-B232

I like fixing stuff. Aside from bringing things back on its feet (some money for the bench ya). It's also a way of saving unnecessary repeat purchase on the consumers' side but I now have to face the fact that I couldn't read the markings on these tiny components anymore, what more solder them.
 I salute the newer generation whom able to take such kind of repairs. For this writer, redundancy is imminent and my worst fear. Embracing more tools such as microscope and good hot air station are simply isn't viable. There's also the difficulty of attaining such documentation plus understanding the inner workings of device under repair.
Making things tougher and smaller to repair is today’s norm. Indoctrination of the consumer to be individuals than letting them stick together has worked. Make the consumers' buy again is the future we're heading now. I'm not surprise if this kind of work would be obsolete in my lifetime. To you, the future generation of consumers', I say good luck.

Last but not least, a sincere phrase from my chest.  "Fuck you manufacturer!"

Thank you


bluesguy62 said...

I love the last line :)

YusTech said...

Can't help it Cikgu.Hehe. Hopefully as the age increases I would cut down on the vulgarity. Not a good example for young readers. Hehe.

bluesguy62 said...

No problem here. I believe they deserve it, hehehe

John Tee said...

I am also trying to fix this instead of sending it to Yamaha Malaysia. Any idea where to order the faulty parts? Cheers.

YusTech said...

Hi John, you can try online parts reseller like element14 , RS Component etc. Hopefully they have what you need. Thanks for visiting my blog.