20 December 2017

The Jackson JT6. A letter to Jackson guitars.

I know I'm seen beating the double locking horse to death but the top picture depict the JT6 double locking tremolo by Jackson Guitars. Before all of you go on google hunt, just read what I've written here first.
  From the ads it was probably launch in 1987 and manufactured under licence in Taiwan. The JT6 has its fine tuning knurled screw place underneath enclosing around each insert locking screw. This is smart and palm mute welcoming. Thumbs up.
All this long talk of mine could be seen just academic and far off reality. Why not we pick a user testimonial. Let’s ask this writer what he think about his Jackson JT6

Dear Jackson Guitars,

Hi, my name is Yus, In 2000 I bought a Jackson PS2. The PS2 comes with the JT500 tremolo. The default tremolo work fine as it supposed to. Few month after someone try to sell me a decade old looking used Jackson JT6 tremolo for cheap. Only the bridge outfit with some missing nuts under it. I didn’t know anything about this tremolo. The only pictorial reference I have was from the back pages of a book “Electric Guitar Setups” by Hideo Kamimoto

Anyway I bought the bridge. Three reasons. Obviously it’s a Jackson for any my Jackson, it’s beefy in appearance and those odd fine tuners placement. I replace the missing screws/nuts, some washer added and modded in a Schaller arm assembly.

My Korean made Performer Series 2 works fantastic and never once fail me since, as a matter of fact from 2000 to 2010 my PS2/JT6 gets whack daily for classes, product demo and personal practising. My PS2/JT6 even got played/whacked by my students and walk in customers 6 days a week for 10 straight years. I managed to sell a few guitars in the shop too. Jackson Guitars of course.

I stop playing my PS2/JT6 in 2010 because the frets had worn out. After I put up my own guitar repair shop and picked up re fretting skill in 2011 my Jackson was back in service to this day. I notice some area on the top plate has de form a bit. Well, after 17 years of joyful hard palm muting, you think? He he. For sure something got to give. I sincerely have no complain about this as it’s inevitable.
I know now the top is not steel but at least quality brass/copper/zinc. However the knife edge, saddles, inserts and locking threads in the JT6 are still in great condition. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Currently in my 40's, I’m taking it easy with my playing style and the JT6. I had sold the Schaller trem arm to one of my customers. No more dive bomb or hard palm mute metal. Just oldies from Nirvana, Bob Marley with a grain of distortion none the less. I am for the most part grateful to have this JT6 in my 20's during my aggressive years as a guitar salesman, guitar tutor and metal player wannabe. I hope you find some of the above information useful for future reference. Before I end this letter I would like to give another thumbs up (left hand) and thank you Jackson guitars.

Together in letter/entry are few pictures of my dependable JT6.

Petaling Jaya.Malaysia

So Jackson, hows that for a testimonial? From a real trem abuser. How about bringing back JT6 in place of the dreaded Floyd Rose Special? Let that guy in North Hollywood CA have all the troubling FRS crates. I think we all know who. 

We hope to see the return of the JT6 as early as summer NAMM 2018 or the latest by 2019 January NAMM Show. We believe the JT6 bridge unique design will be a proprietary advantage over the mediocre. Furthermore this is not some untested piece of metal.
The JT6 could be your new gem stone redeeming its past lost battles and obstacles. I’m sure most Jackson lower to mid tier owner would feel proud to have it. Never mind about your past great sounding pickups and the JE1000 series mid boost electronics. I can understood the big dabble those would be to return. For me Jackson JT6 in any Jackson guitars is a true Jackson product beyond reasonable doubt.

Provided that someone from the previous/current management did not sell the JT6 design rights to Black Cherry, you know, the maker of Hollow Points? At a glance, both does look similarly placed with only one design difference. Jackson should take a look at those old records just in case.

Okay, now  you can google it.


Manny Pacheco said...

Very cool tremolo, I have several of these in my Charvel Jackson guitars. after reading this, I am putting JT6 in a PS4 performer guitar body with a charvel neck I'm working on thanks for the post!

YusTech said...

Thats good to hear Manny,Cheers.