5 March 2014

Terminal Contact.

There's a spot in a guitar electronics commonly referred to as Common/Centralized Ground.In a Strat that popular spot would be at the volume pot.Many times I've found myself in an unpleasant feeling after a pickup installation only to find the pickup(s) I'd wired is/are out of phased.De soldering pickups ground wire bunch and splitting them all over again is quiet a turn off.Not that I'm complaining.

In some guitars some selective pickups/tap/phasing variation are aided with mini switches.Unless you're using quality switches with a good safe temperature soldering iron then you're attempt to solder one of its leg to ground/switch body can shorten the durability itself.Cheap switches can melt after if at it for to long.

Being well verse and experience with soldering iron myself doesn't guarantee safety in any given circumstances.There for in my quest to find another way to do less harm to the component than I already am now,I found this Solder Terminal Thingy in old bin.Though soldering is the secured way to connect wires,hopefully this would cut time and only where it applies.Not to mention less trouble for the next person that would be working on the guitar.

You may find use for it in your guitar(s).  


Ijau D. Koceng said...

petua yg sangat berguna (y)

YusTech said...

Pertua tidak sengaja. :)

Cikgu Aziz said...

Really good idea. Thanks for sharing.