13 Mar 2014

Fender Squier Standard P Bass Special

The pots in this one seem to have a plastic thingy engulfing the area where the locking washer should be.Its similar to what's out of a glue gun.The knob seems to tight and risky to pull out.I had my fair share of busting peoples pots for good reasons in the past.The copper wire attached to the pots is primarily to hold it from doing 360.Any attempt to install washers at it should wisely be done after the default pots given up the ghost and soon I hope.Ha ha.

The machine heads in this model is quiet low quality but then again are expected on lower tier model.As long as the neck and body filled the intended criteria then its alright.Leave the upgrading to us musicians cause we need the experience.Clean built and responsive truss rod.

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Ijau D. Koceng said...

duct tape, the best straplock...