3 April 2014

Voyage-Air TransAxe Series: Belair


During my years as a tutor/salesman,I've always incline to luring potential piano(drums too) students on why they should take up the guitar instead.Mobility was always the winning factor aside from the noise and price issues.But mobility alone doesn't guarantee security and safety of your 40" boom stick especially when boarding a plane.In most heard cases,your axe will end(not crash) up in the southern part of the plane(not ocean) for the duration of your journey.Oh..ya did I mention the handling issues?Mishaps does happens.

To all you noodling guitarist that's just have to play anywhere and everywhere.A good Canadian Guitar maker has came up with this.A Folder-able guitar.Now you'll feel much better knowing your Blackie,Lucille,Timmy or whatever name you may give it and your mini amp are safely above your head.Who knows you might get song request from fellow passengers.It'll surely be an unforgettable and entertaining moment before the end(not crash) of your journey.However,having done no plane commuting.This writer cannot confirm the dimension of the above your head compartment.

The guitar sent needed a minor fret leveling and setup.The dead spots seem to be at the other half towards the body fingerboards.Could it be due to both fingerboard compression resulting in a rising tongue? 

For more info about this instrument visit Voyage-Air

The End(Completed)

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