29 November 2013

Hamer Diablo Limited Edition

Does the name Jeff Watson of the band Night Ranger rings any bell? I used to listen to them long ago.Quiet good and enjoyable.Thanks to the album inlay I came to found out about Hamer Guitars.We sure like to read about musicians gear on it and it was a good supplement aside of the Guitar World magazine.Though I was apathy towards the brand,I acknowledged Jeff's guitar work with it and the impact it gave to be an average bed room guitarist.Some years later I worked in a guitar shop which were also happened to be Hamer's authorized dealer here.I was even corrected by one the senior staff there on how to pronounce it right.Its pronounce as "Hummer" not "Hammer".He,the staff, is an American.Considering him and it came from the same soil,I took it he was right but still to this day,I still pronounce Hamer as Hammer.A tool for hitting a Rock than a vehicle just use to Roll.Yep..its just sounded much better.He he.

This Hamer Diablo had intermittent pot issues.Seems some of the sponge that raps around the battery had decayed and the particle just went in the pots.A good blow off did the job just fine.The neck is quiet a looker with flaming birdseye maple.I remember years ago a good guitar player told me something about birdseye maple is infact actually a disease wood.I could've told him off by saying, that very same disease wood got cut up and made to become a Charvel San Dimas I which is the very one you're playing on your lap right then and there.Sudah cuba,banyak cerita pula.But nope.Customer always right.Idiot Deepak.Piss off my guitar teacher then me.Ptuihhh..Moving on.The Diablo truss rod needed to be adjust a bit and by saying a bit I mean exactly a bit.That's what you get when you pay premium.A bit of maintenance but a lot of fulfilling man cave pleasures.No doubt this guitar were built to tight tolerance when it left the factory two decades ago.Jol Danzig team couldn't have built a better guitar.

That Thing(Benda itu).

Prior to setting it up I discovered something in one of the back spring.It sort of like a damper to hold the movement of  the Floyd.Knowing me and my itchy hand,I just had to find out what it is.Its a two part tubular plastic with threaded metal holding the two.Plus it adjustable.Genius invention isn't."Dengan melaras jarak plastik itu anda boleh menjarakkan kedudukan Floyd mengikut kehendak anda".Google Translate.On it stamp "Guitarology" and "Australia".I was told the owner brought it to down under during his studies and was setup by one of the Guitar Shop there.This was years ago and I reckon an Australian invented benda itu then the American took(stole) it to be improved plus commercialized or did fu-tone.com secretly signed a non aggression treaty to secure exclusive rights to distribute it? Don't sue me for its just my personal and honest opinion.He he.

Non aggressive tech


Ijau D. Koceng said...

tapi yg sedihnya, jenama hamer since feb 2013 dah discontinued... pak fender suruh tutup kedai (source)

kalau ada pun maybe just custom shop kot?

(bila agaknya ckmusic not buat stock clearance hamer?)

YusTech said...

Begitu lah nya.Factor demand and supply.

Jika Hamer sign up artis ternama barangkali lain penghujungnya.

Cuba lihat Charvel.

faiz said...

pernah cuba flying V tapi maklumla, masih belum bekerja, so x bleh nk beli gitar lebih.

tapi 2 la, tgk kt website ckmusic gitar hamer model bentuk explorer dh sold out....... even dalam catalog x dak langsung gambor gitar brand hamer. possibile model gitar hamer yg lain pun akan follow utk out of stock..... sayangla, sbb kalo ikutkan harge epiphone flying v pun dlm RM2k.........