30 November 2013

Ibanez TS10

Ibanez TS10,I remember trying this a decade ago.I absolutely despise it.My same sentiment towards its other siblings too, the TS9 and TS9DX.Its like eating Rice without sambal belacan.Rice and sambal belacan but without ulam.Rice,sambal belacan,ulam but without ikan masin.Rice,sambal belacan,ulam,ikan masin,but without air kosong to go with.They might as well replace the Gain knob name to Warm air.Nevertheless this pedal still around to this day.

In fact its circuit and construction is one of the most studied and talked about in forums.From it,emerged a new business which was initially dreamed by many but was quiet under the radar,Modification.Its no secret we the guitarist wants to be different in any way we can.Permitting anyone to have the right amount of Rice,Sambal Belacan,Ulam,Ikan Masin,Water.Why not the whole menu.Some modders even went to the extent of redesigning and building it to become theirs with success.Kudos to that.Why didn't I think of it?Well I did but I'm busy to jump in the pool just yet.

This TS10 had a peculiar problem.After activation it took nearly a minute or more for it to be audibly function.From my experience with stomp box,most would give its defects then and there.Rarely "Wait for it" was to be the situation.Capacitors maybe?yep,that was my early suspicion.Voltage seems to be fine and we all know about DMM shortcoming of detecting signals.A scope proven to be more precise and visually aiding.Pin pointing the cause to be around the switching trannys and later found the cause to be just a damn dry joint!..What a drama,worthy of RM85 on the bill.He he.

With age comes a  new perspective.My early days 3 notes per string guitar playing has evolved down to 2.Its only now I began to understand this TS10.Its not a bad pedal to own at all.The gain responded in real time to how you pick the string sharing the same characteristic but not exact as a tube amp.The result of being school that day by the pedal owner whom is a good guitar player in his own right.

Schooled by a Pro

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