1 December 2013

Sterling by MusicMan JP100

Well its about time one of this end up on my bench.With its 4+2 machine head formation,even a footy head would recognize and know that this isn't your average ball.Its Ernie's JP100 short looking spider butt boom stick! The enrollment of John Petrucci to Ball's family list has made Music Man grew quick to become one of the most formidable brand in the industry.Being different in its design or manufacturing technique has earn them due respect from others..but its a known fact Artist sells guitars.With so many models made for him,I'm beginning to think as if John himself owns the company or at least have some stake in it.Ha ha

The truss rod adjustment thingy is indeed a welcome improvement for Tech's globally.Praise aside.Till now every purchase of Ernie Ball by CTS pots don't include the smooth washer.Stingy like Haji Bakhil.

This JP100 needed a setup aside of the mandatory Switchcraft.According to the owner the high E string kept breaking prematurely.A little burr clean up did away with the unwanted friction.The neck seems to be bowed more than it should mortally be.A bit of clockwise turning at the ship like steering truss wheel brought it back to shredders friendly waters.

With that comes a tiny unpleasant discovery.A slight twist at the fingerboard where the treble side is straight while the bass side revealed a slight back bow.A little is okay but none is better.Eyes do tell lies and I hope mine did.Buyers beware,look closely at the neck if you're buying one of this.Compromised electronics are replaceable but compromised neck will deem a guitar useless.If unsure,bring along someone that knows how to sight the neck for you.Don't bring me,I'm Mr.Controversy.No establishment wants me nearing their premise.He he.

Telling it as it is

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