1 May 2012

Ibanez RG680CM

A client bought some parts without researching and trust whatever comes out from the mouth of the low confident salesman.When things like this turn up on my bench.I tell the client "who knows,you might've bought the wrong part,don't have any high hope ok,but I do what I can..Hehe"

The one thing I like about this guitar is the pickups are direct mount to the body just like what I did to my Jackson.You get more body tone you know.Good and Bad tones.Haha

Setup,Clean whatever I can and Full wiring.

As for the Gotoh GE1996T Tremolo and SG381 MachineHeads.Kudos.

1 comment:

Ijau D. Koceng said...

i LIKE the final pic!

i guess the owner don't have any clipper plier