14 Dec 2011

My No 1 & 2.

My work horse guitars.The shitty green was bought in 2000 and the other a decade later,due to the shitty green high fret wear.Both are an ongoing full setup and ones for a refret.

The green has a hell of a shoody work.What can I say,at the time I bought it with my eyes not my ears.haha

might consider selling them cause they suck.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

green? :)

Khalid Fadil said...

Hear that, folks!? Yus' Jackson are up for sale! RM25,000 a piece... Then, we'll talk. ;)

YusTech said...

yup its green cause theres no black available at time of purchase.

bugger you khalid,its 26000 now..haha

Khalid Fadil said...

Friend-friend discount lah... :3