31 Mar 2012

Cleaning a Yamaha YM-50

The 5 way switch

In this post I'll be showing you how to save RM70.Some tools you need to perform are
a)Phillip screw driver medium size.
b)Ear buds.
c)Car grease.

The story.
Once upon a time 5 years ago when I serviced a guitar that had a trouble 5 way selector.I found it was a new switch(Yamaha YM-50).Due to the close casing,I couldn't see what was wrong with it.
Since it was broken anyway I put it upon myself to pry open it.As I begun to disassemble it,I was quiet impress with the construction,Its consist of several put together parts,like how you would do with those Tamiya Model Bike.

Yamaha,your engineer are one genius team.


bluesguy62 said...

In some respects it is really similar to what you'd find in a US Strat or Tele, minus the box and pcb. Impressive!

Razvan S. said...

OMG man!!! Thank you so so so much for the inside pics!

I have a Westone VIllain Graphite Pro, and my switch is rusted(It look exactly like the yamaha 50 you have here inside, but the solder pads are sideways in a way, nevertheless I ordered a new YM50).

Why I am writing, the irony...you wrote " don't loose the "o" ring"....guess what =))) After I derusted the whole thing(mine had rust issues), I noticed that I lost something...But I did not know what!

Thanks to your photos, I will know what to search now exactly :D !(I think I lost it somewhere in the room, but I have a lot of stuff so I couldn't find it easy)
Thank you again

(in the worst case, I am going to move the whole system from the new switch to the old PCB, they are identical).