5 Jun 2012

Old or New Yustech Blog?Contemplating.

This week mark the forth year of my blog existence.I am contemplating about opening a new blog or doing an internal clean up to this blog which involve deleting old post to make way for new ones.So should you found some of it valuable,save them quick.haha.

I have to admit for the past 12 month I have felt some personal attachment to this blog.I never intend to be a blogger,Who would want to see my shit work,I'm no super Tech,haha..never thought myself capable of doing one.I look at it as my personal diary cause I tend to forget things and would use it as a mind refresher.

Another thing about blog which is positive(at least to me) is I could promote or demote me,my work to some of you out there.Hehehe...I'm being blunt honest here.

Thank you
Yustech G.T.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

don't delete the old posts, just edit the pictures on it... as i said before, make it smaller, web-friendly size/pixel (ie 800x600 or 640x480)

or like other(s) have commented, use another host for pictures (photobucket, etc) and then link it to this blog

Afiqme said...

laaaa... patutlaaa nak habis space ... knapa tak edit, kecikkan gamba dulu .. hehe...

komen ijau tu ada kebenarannya .. hehe :)

YusTech said...

I agree with you both.Terima kasih.

Jo @ NoobAxe said...

selamat menjadi juruedit then.. wahahahaha