7 April 2014

Ibanez SZ520FM

Bill Lawrence.Honestly speaking until now I never bothered much about Bill's pickup offerings other than knowing that its there on Nuno's and Dime's signature axes.Never heard of such names?Leave my blog now!.He he.Googling showed two sites with the same name.I was told by my client that there was a conflict or some kind which lead Bill abandoning his previous company and pursuing his own journey.

Browsing through Bill's site,I can't seem to find any DC resistance info on his pickups.That's the first indicator you'd(I'd) normally look for general understanding,comparison with little bit of gut feeling towards it.Bill choose to measure his pickups with Inductance(Henry) instead of Resistance(Ohms). As I begin to think long and hard trying to understand this,it finally hit me.I used to repair radios so I seen a lot of coils.They're not measured in Ohms but in Henry.So a pickup can be use as a radio?No,I mean the similarity in certain nature.

The fact that many pickup makers began offering vintage correct pickups hints they know more than just winding it to 6.3kOhms or what ever Ohm it is(anyone can do that),they might've got a hold of the not so many old good sounding pickups(to them) and understood its characteristic.The how tight or loose the coil wire should be,the spread across bobbins etc.Of course I'm putting aside the magnetic factor for now.The reason you may find two pickups with the same DC Resistance but do not sound the same at all.While resistance can mean restriction to a certain degree inductance can mean the amount stored and emiting energy in a given pickup which elaborates how loud/sonically/clarity to our ears and soul.I think.Don't ask me any pickup questions as my understanding ends here. Read Bill's Pickupology for further enlightenment.I'm glad I did.

Bill Lawrence,They can take away your name,they can take away your wealth but they can't take away your innovative mind and passionate soul.What you gave away to the other guy were good but what you left behind for Becky and Co must be better and the best.

For further info about Bill Lawrence.

The Ibanez SZ was setup and rewired with Bill's Custom series pickups.Series/Parallel push pull added in conjunction to the tone pot cause coil tap sound horribly weaker than an actual single coil.Better take the other direction to what a single coil can't do but a humbucker could.Ha ha.



Ijau D. Koceng said...

testing testing...

metal brain asylum said...

teringin nak tukar pickup washburn dimebag saya kepada pickup Bill Lawrence L500XL.... dana pula tak mencukupi.,hehehe

YusTech said...

Pilihan yang tepat berbanding SD Dimebucker.