27 August 2011

My up is your down.A Tutor Dilemma.

The Lefty "Left Wing Team"

The Lefty "Right Wing Team"

All the players above are great guitarist in their own right.

The Story

Conversation with my new student 8 years ago.

student : I wanna learn guitar,could you teach me?

Me : Sure,its once a week..(explaining the fees and all) .

student : I am a left hand player,is that ok?

Me : You better get an actual left hand guitar.Be easier for you to copy and follow me.

student : Hey!! what about Man Keedal,Joe wings,Dick Dale and all.They could play it up side down and fast too.

Me : Well sure man,welcome a board,I love to see you struggle and confuse with the Chords and Scales many weeks later.Its your money.Haha

Student : you're joking right?? haha

Me : Yes,I am..Haha

The End

This article is about the string issues and how it relates to my teaching experience.

First of all the guitar design follows the violin in which all the violin I seen so far are right handed.
Second are the learning books,I could say 99% are printed for right hand guitars(Bass string on top,Treble string below)

I have taught both kind of players and have come to this.
So you are lefty.Which group do you belong to?

If you are belong to the first group,Don't ask me to be your teacher,Sorry,I can't teach you.My downstroke will be your upstroke.We end up confusing each other in class.Learn from youtube.Still insist?sure,but don't ask me how to do the proper finger works.

If you belong to the second group,I'll be glad to be your teacher and furthermore you'll be able to copy what I,your teacher,your friends or others do.Its just mirrors.

Its not right to play it wrong,Its not wrong to play it right.

What more after this??Lefthand piano,drums,violin etc.

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