5 November 2012

Blog clean up like a Boss.

My Blog has again reach its limited given space,I will comence operation delete past pictures.I will not resize those pictures,I am a busy person.Should you find any of the pictures worthy of saving,feel free to save it.

Page effected
  • My Stuff
  • Unrealeased Tech Pic.

Thank you
Yustech GT
Kota Damansara.


Dr. Bentara said...

you should use Irfanview for minor resize http://www.irfanview.com/ once you know how to use it, it is 3 seconds editing.

1. Open file
2. Resize
3. Save

(before saving i usually do one step sharpening the picture).

I edited the pictures first before writing otherwise write, edit, write, edit... no way.

YusTech said...

Thank you Dr.Ben.akan di pertimbangkan,kalau di ikut hati nak delete semua or bayar google for extra storage tapi....mmm..baiklah saya cuba apa yang Dr. usulkan(kalau rajin..haha)