8 April 2011

Why is this sold on our soil?

Jiantian solder lead

The worst solder lead I ever come across,Stupid f*#@ profit minded company with a slogan"we can make anything you want and we make em cheap".F@#$% Made in China.

I normally would never have to twist the wire like this,but I have no choice but to do it..Babi pukimak punya barang..

My solder Tip overheat due to the high melt temp of this...I have to file it..This really pisses me..I am going to return this F#$^*& lead to the shop in a couple days and make a video of this.
17thJuly2011-I decided not to make that video,too busy..Well Hardware shop,you can keep the money.You need it more than I do.haha

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