17 Jul 2011

Epiphone LP

Belongs to Romances not in Fashion guitarist,Jiro.


Greg said...

wow..tak sangka guitar saya masuk blog bro yus..ok la saya cite skit ...

this guitar is my ultimate tone and signature sound for Romance Not In Fashion http://www.facebook.com/romancenotinfashion. Obviously inspired from guitarist, Nick Valensi..

Epiphone Les Paul Standard MIK 95, dah own guitar nih more than 10 years. Installed new Seymour Duncan P-Rails set because previous stock pick up no response on G note string. With 2 push pull pot to separate between P-90 and Rail pups.

This is not my first time with Yus, b4 this i already send few guitar to him and what i can say is YUS is AWESOME, not just giving a clean work, but giving a great suggestion on changing parts. The best part is when i get my guitar back, it always feel the same, not like some other tech that i sent to, it will always feel awkward and different when the guitar back in my hand. YUS dont argue so much, that is why he is so cool He respect what customer idea and need. Not like some tech which always want us to follow their decision. With Yus, if you got idea on mod your guitar, he one of the tech that are on my list that i will trust to giv my guitar to put on his guitar medical desk :D

YusTech said...

I am touch.Thank you.You are awesome player too..knowing more about the guitar than I do...haha