28 Aug 2011

Fender PA 135

Currently working on.

Have you ever been in a situation,its your situation and you don't want it to be your situation...haha

Holy Shit!!,when its more than 30years old and no clue about where it has been laying at.You better take all the necessary precaution.Safety first,A dead Tech is bad for business.haha


Dr. Ben said...

a suggestion: why not the blog archive in the menu for easy browsing?

Like if someone one to go back a few pages back without clicking so much on the "older posts" button?

Ask your students if you don't know how to do it.

YusTech said...

Good idea Doc,been thinking about that.Will get to it.

toman said...

wowww..camne condition amp ni skang?? bleh play tak??

YusTech said...

belum lagi,kena dapatkan downpatment utk job ni somemore nak decide beli part local or online.estimatenye agak tinggi oo...haha

toman said...

ai yaa..tu yg tension dok mesia nih..expertise, enthusiast, will, suma ada..tp parts availability, arghhhh..

YusTech said...

Malaysia Tanahair ku.