14 Aug 2011

OLP 5 string bass

I do teach a bit of bass,but playing this makes me want to be a bass player.Really.!!

Sent for Full setup and wanted my diy bass preamp installed(The AT2).
Anyone knows this model,please post the info here.Thanks in advance


Khalid Fadil said...

OLP MM3 5-String bass guitar.

Designed for players who want top-flight features in an affordable bass. Officially licensed and made to the strict specifications of Ernie Ball Musicman USA, the OLP MM series has been developed in the spirit of the legendary models that have been rocking the music scene since the early seventies. Starting with the Ernie Ball Musicman trademark four-over-one headstock, custom shaped neck and classic shaped body profiles, OLP developed the MM series as a no-nonsense, player on a budget, line of affordable stage quality instruments. With an OLP bass, you'll always find great looks, tone and incredible playability at an unbeatable value - period.

- Basswood body.
- Custom-contoured North American bolt-on maple neck.
- Rosewood fretboard. Maple fretboards on natural-finished models.
- 34'' scale with 22 jumbo frets.
- Chrome hardware. Black hardware on black-finished models.
- Musicman-style exposed-pole pickup.
- 2 volume and 1 tone controls.

Enjoy my research, Yus. ;)

YusTech said...

Thank you khalid for the contribution.

Khalid Fadil said...

No problem! Also, I believe I left out the fact that it has a Flamed Maple top.

Sparkydav said...

Yus-Could you perhaps list on hear the parts you used for your upgrade. I have the exact same OLP and I would love to copy your mod. It looks fantastic with the black knobs. If at all possible it would be very appeciated. Thanks-Sparkydav. (sparkydav@yahoo.com)

YusTech said...

What I used for this job.

Preamp Unit.
1 unit stacked Knob(I think its made in Korea)
1 set(2) of Ernie Ball Dome Knobs.
Switchcraft stereo out jack.

yes,it does looked wicked with black knobs.

Khalid Fadil said...

Its always Switchcraft, isn't it Yus? Always Switchcraft... Good ol' Switchcraft.

YusTech said...

switchcraft! the inventor of 1/4 inch jack.

Switchcraft and Conxall: Consistently Excellent Since 1946

Khalid Fadil said...