3 December 2011

"Shitwork" The ESP LTD F10

I can't believe what I saw coming out from ESP factory in China.
Stay tune,I am compiling the picture,will email ESP the owner contact number and this link.Lets see how a Big guitar company resolve this.It will also be featured in the Speak Out tab.
There's are other better option,Spear,Swing,etc

Ready Go!!
By the way,I'm yet to begin the setup,what more will I find.haha

ESP Guitars,you should send a replacement bridge pickup to this owner.For further info,My email is at your disposal.

To potential "Ltd" buyers,best avoid this guitar for now until they resolve the pickup and others issues,or look for higher model.

To avoid misunderstanding.This is not about the owner,the shop or the distributor,they have nothing to do with the manufacturing.

Dear ESP guitars.The ball is in your court..Hit it right and be seen as a hero!

Anyone knows ESP Japan email??


Ijau D. Koceng said...

sub-rm700 china-made ibanez was better than this in terms of craftsmanship and electronics

subversion.sg said...

should avoid 'ESP' tag altogether in this coverage- this isn't an ESP product... :-)

YusTech said...

I blame the Boss for the staff short comings.