16 Mar 2012

Ibanez S470 Part III

I got a call from the S470 owner informing me that the Distributor would like to see this Guitar up close.Since this guitar was sent to me and currently under my examination.I feel responsible and will accompany my client for the meeting.I put it upon me to look into the best interest of my client.

Judging by the pictures,its an obvious factory mistake and Ibanez is at fault for either not aligning the stud/post insert or CNC cavity routing gone wrong.

My opinion is this guitar should've been flagged in the factory.
The Solution is Ibanez should give a replacement guitar to my client.
My Warning,any unrelated person or party should not be involve in this issue.I fully believe that this is an insulated case.I hope this post will help all guitar maker to further improve and supervise their production closely.

I still have respect to Ibanez and Hoshino company for their contribution in the industry.Without doubt I intend to own an Ibanez Guitar in future.

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bluesguy62 said...

In years to come, this series of pics will be quoted as reference. Good job.