7 Mar 2012


You never know what will turn up for repairs.Its a fun looking guitar after the owner put a sticker on the body and at the neck.The grouse was the pickups doesn't work.

As suspected the wiring was done wrong,I couldn't convince the owner to leave it for me to do a full clean wiring.Its a "just wire it to the right spot and I'm out of here" situation.

well ok then bro,feel free to comeback if you want me to have a second go at it.

Thumbs up for his creativity


bluesguy62 said...

The headstock looks like it might have been an Aria Pro II or Peavey Raptor in a former life, IMHO. The paint job is psychedelic, Hendrix would have loved this :)

Khalid Fadil said...

Its a Vantage. A Vantage VR-315SB to be precise... You've actually serviced one of these before in a sunburst finish. Its somewhere in your older posts.