14 Apr 2012

Greg Bennett Interceptor

It was sent to me 30min after it was purchased.That's how concern was the owner which later became my student.Yes,I do promote my class to those who needs it.
The guitar came with 0.10's in default so you can imagine the unreasoning note bend that will occur to any beginner.
Its a well made guitar for the price and I personally believe it one brand that one should check out prior making a decision.

As for the owner,Intercepted he was while looking for a guitar.Hehe.


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bluesguy62 said...

Looks like the Indonesians have got a good thing going. Hope the owner asks for full electronics and hardware replacement, not just the output jack. He won't regret the upgrade. By the way, YT, Swithcraft has always been the best, and will continue to be. Thumbs up YT, for recommending this brand to clients.