17 Apr 2012

Hamer Californian Slammer Series

The owner burnt this guitar when he toured Canada more than a decade ago.As he shared and narrated the event which lead to what happened,I was like wow!I felt like wanting to do same to my Jackson,I mean Kapok..hehe

However the recent story behind this guitar was quiet bad,the owner sent it to a so called Big Tech(Not far from here).Then the Big tech Passed it to his apprentice Tech.Despite having to deal with 40 guitars in the workshop,he is a young with high spirit just like me 12 years ago.

I can understand the work load pressure.At the mean time business is booming for the Big Tech.There's nothing wrong with being rich.Its the method which I question.So good luck Bro and thanks for putting a dent to the field that I nurtured since 99.

Full Wiring and doing whatever I can.hehe

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