28 August 2012

Ibanez ARZ400T with Edge III(Dumb Trem.)

Ibanez,some of us are not stupid you know.How long you intend to sell us this Edge IIIB(Bodoh).

Guitar Collectors,you might want to consider it.The Guitar is Good I think.
Guitar Players,stay away from it.its for your own good.The Trem will get you mad..hahaha

Edge Zero II is better.Trust me.Get them before Ibanez decide to Jack up the price.

Ibanez,thanks for the news letter.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

i thought ARZ400T not available for south east asian market

only available on US market

apiz said...

Thanks for sharing Mr. Yustech.. very helpful..

YusTech said...

relief....to bad for the american..haha