14 September 2012

Jackson DX10D

Hasnol..mmm yes Hasnol..I think so,I'm sure it belongs to him.,Here a 4 chapter story about this Jackson DX10D.

  1. The complain was Neck pickup no sound,The Blackouts AHB & AHB2 were installed by another Tech(the wire chosen seem to give an idea of who he was)12 month before,both Hasnol and yours truly thought the Selector would be the culprit.It was a opportunity for me to persuade(force) him to choose the best available selector switch.As I was firing up the new switch,the neck pickup wasn't audible.I open the neck pickup ring saw 2 pickup ring screws short to the exposed AHB connectors.
  2. I called Hasnol and told him the bad news.the cause of the pickup failure and ask him to buy a new AHB(N),I assured him I would install it before him to avoid Dejavu.During that Hasnol kept asking about EMG to me.It seem he has lost trust at Seymour Duncan especially on the AHB design.I can't blame him.He's just the consumer.I advise him to go for EMG85.It'll be like the 80's.pickups mix n match..Wired,quick test,done and The End...and so I thought.
  3. 2 days later Hasnol called me telling he can't hear both AHB2(bridge) mix with EMG85(neck) in middle position.I told him to drop by instead of saying "You potato salad!what more can I do you for now?Its impossible,I wired the 2 bloody pickups perfect Opa Gangnam Style"Hehehe..I wish.
  4. After some tinkering and test which includes Separate Batt. Test,18V test,Tap test and Ground lift test.Its confirm that EMG85 and Seymour Duncan AHB2 will not work together,nor with each other(the potato salad was on me.).I can't explain it but instead ask Hasnol to buy either EMG81(B) or Seymour Duncan AHB(N).As I expected Seymour Duncan lost another sale.EMG81 was the choice.Wired,Test and Get out Hasnol..haha..just kidding
This time its really THE END.Thank and enjoy

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Kurt said...

Shit design but yet someone still engrave their name with pride....lame arse!