6 October 2012

Blackstar HT Studio 20H

Yes, I do Bias Tube amp provided I have sufficient info about the equipment.Thumbs up Blackstar Team.

Tube Biasing is a money maker.RM165 for Retube and turning a preset(1 hour work)..I love this..Oh ya bear in mind.I could also die in the process.haha

Las but not least....Google,please make the new editor to be as easy as the old one...Come on man..I feel stupid ..

1 comment:

bluesguy62 said...

Delicious amp. EL34s! Bet it sounds rude and nasty. However, would like to see: 1. more hand wiring and less PCB 2. tube sockets that are NOT soldered directly onto the board 3. spring reverb, perhaps? Just my 2 cents' worth.