19 December 2012

Ernie Ball VPJr

At first look I like the simple design.Users that concern about space should find it desireable.The external built is commendable too.

Further search in the internet revealed the Cord is a common problem for this pedal.The use of Cord  and spring is mind boogling.There's nothing wrong with being diffenrent from others,but being stupid at the same time is another thing.Surely the use of Rack and Pinion would be great.

To those who wish to buy this,I advise you also buy an extra or two Cord and Pots.

The unit was sent in 3 weeks ago and awaiting parts ordered from a local pedal seller.

Thank you and enjoy.


bluesguy62 said...

The outside looks really tough and sturdy. Too bad about the inside. I'm also surprised that Ernie Ball actually has operations in Malaysia. Thanks for sharing this info.

YusTech said...

Yes Cikgu,infact for quiet sometime now.

bluesguy62 said...

Would be nice to visit the factory. Thank again, YT.