23 Feb 2013

Washburn Blues Overdrive LSEBOD


At a glance I was surprise to know Washburn did venture into pedal sector.Based on my past published and unpublish pedal porn suggested me to think that Artec may have hand in its birth.If they did,does it differs slightly or an exact replica to its Korean sibbling?

I was inform that the featured pedal in this post are no longer available.Will it be collectable?Only time will tell.
Thank you and enjoy 


faiz said...

same mcm aku pakai Artec Crazy Metal. cuma prob dia nk treblekan lagi EQ x dpt kalo bass EQ dia responsive, volume and gain knob dah pulas habis tapi output sound dia x penuh mcm apa yg ditulis kt pedal 2 melainkan pedal digitech grunge every knob dia responsive. possible kene modify pot ke atau ape ye?

YusTech said...

maka pastilah dan terbukti persamaan kedua dua Artec dan Wasburn itu.Terima kasih faiz atas penambahan info anda.