10 Mar 2012

Peavey Raptor III

When yustech has to make a judgement call,be it as as Guitar Tutor/Tech he will stand by it.
Initial I consulted the owner about pots,switches,etc.. and my believe toward good parts.He agreed with my proposition.After its done I felt the frets were quiet worn and don't response to my playing very well.
Since my client don't have the budget for both Electronics and Refret Work.I urges him to go for the latter...Its an urgent job and I have to apologise for the amount of pictures.Taking own photo while doing refret does dent my focus.hehe

Imagine a car with just installed Soup up Carbs,but with all 4 tires in dire condition.

A very close friend of Andy FP Full got the chance to try this guitar and gave 7/10 for my work..
haha..Thank you.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

how much do u charge for re-fretting works?

(22-fret, jumbo or extra jumbo)

bluesguy62 said...

Fantastic post. The pics on refretting are a great learning resource for me. Thanks.

YusTech said...

Bro Ijau..info on rate available in the Guitar and bass repair charges..

in other words for s 7/10 rating its expensive..haha.

YusTech said...

for the time being I am trying stewmac wide highest #150(9 neck so far,so good.),which visual close to jumbo.
I might try out other brands in future.

curremtly stocking only stewmac

YusTech said...

cikgu,you should try it..its fun..

YusTech said...

Cikgu,Whats pantun in english called?

bluesguy62 said...

Yes, YT, it does look like good, clean fun, and seeing those shiny new frets is exciting :).

'Pantun' is known as 'pantoum' in English. In fact, the white men took it from Tanah Melayu to the west and its influence has spread. This is how Bob Holman & Margery Snyder define 'pantoum:'

"Brought to the West by Victor Hugo, the pantoum is derived from a Malaysian form of interlocking four-line stanzas in which lines 2 and 4 of one stanza are used as lines 1 and 3 of the next. The lines may be of any length, and the poem can go on for an indefinite number of stanzas. Usually the paired lines are also rhymed. The form may be resolved at the end either by picking up lines 1 and 3 of the first stanza as lines 2 and 4 of the last, thus closing the circle of the poem, or simply by closing with a rhymed couplet."

YusTech said...

Thank you for the elaborate help.

bluesguy62 said...

Most welcome. You know, a teacher can never stop being a teacher :)

YusTech said...

I agree 110% on that.