26 May 2013

Dimarzio pots inconsistancy?

 The Dimarzio's pots on the right is what I normally seen,bought and installed since 2005.

Ok here's what happened.I ordered a quartet of 500k Dimarzio's pot from a music shop,Later that night I found out one of it is EP1201L which is a long threaded type much suited for Gibson and the other 3 are the same as the one on the left in the pictures.

I call up a friend and he told me he has one and he would sell it to me.So I bought it and found out the knurled is not the same as the other I have (which is the one on the left).

So 2 days later I decided to go back to the same shop to return this EP1201L for exchange with EP1201 that's the same as the other 3 I have(which is the one on the left)simple as that isn't it?After going through their parts bin it turn out there was no more short knurled like the one I bought earlier.

The shop however kindly offered an exchange so I would have the same for all four.I amicable refuse their gesture cause I'd unpacked them and I know no one wants to buy something that looks comprimise.

So Dimarzio,If or should you do some changes to your hardware be sure to put it up in your web,tell your dealers or make sure you put some sort of identification at the package for us to know which is what.

So I guess I throw those 3 pots (RM75) away then? and buy another 4 (RM100) just so I can do a perfect work visually for my client despite the Fuck up that was cause by Dimarzio's in the first place?

Or should I just say to my client "Don't worry bro,one taller knob doesn't comprimise its integrity.Just don't look at it when you turn it and everything will be ok"

Congratulation and Goodbye Dimarzio.

I'll be buying Fender's or Ernie Ball's CTS pots from now on.Though the EB doesn't come with the smooth washers at least their stupid but consistance rather than stupid and incompetence.I don't look for trouble.It always manage to find its way to me.To all Tech's that seek perfection in their work,thank you for reading this.

Here have a copy of this post Dimarzio .Thank you for reading Cheers.


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soo said...

still enjoy reading ur posts like how i used to.. thanks for still writing..