15 December 2013

Taylor 314CE

From my experience there was one time I had to do a height setup on a Big Baby Taylor.Reason being,as most of the deal we closed during my day as a salesman.It was because of the string action.Most of the Taylor's arrived in the store didn't need any saddle setup because most had been properly setup as if it were made to be bought and played by a beginner.

In 2002 I remember one a group of Japanese tourist came to our shop and ask whether we have any Martin."U app Martseen Gitaaa?"Yep.we did.I let them tried a couple and as expected they enjoy it right away.Despite them conversing to each other in Japanese.It doesn't require an idiot to figure out their facial and body language that went along with it.Yes,Music is a universal language among us guitar players.They were obviously praising the bloody thing Martin."Martseen gitaa ne tooo yokohama shizuka soundroo goodto skak!" was what I think can I sum up.Recognizable tunes commence without delay.From naught to 60 in 7 seconds.From 60's Liverpool's evergreen to 90's Seattle grunge in 7 minutes.

Knowing me at the time,I would always have my own opinion prioritize before the clients.So out of nowhere I interrupt them amicably with a question."Have you heard about Taylor guitars?". "Tayror guitaro ne,hai Americane?"Replied one of them.There was a mix of emotion clearly seen among them when they heard the name which can be said to be just slightly above unpleasant.You know how polite the Japanese can be.Their silence along with a few nodding to each other and to me.Without hesitance like a drop of a hat I made a polite and  insisting switch of the Martseen to Tayror to his lap.

Curiosity appears among them followed by close eyes examination.Not a word spoken,Like a Samurai inspecting a sword on vacation.Not a chord struck yet.Did we suddenly tele port to the Marantz Japan Ken Ishiwata Sig. Model QC line? Approx. 25 seconds later the session began.Initial test drive were fill with cautiousness around tight bends and country roads choosing substitute,improvised pieces in order not to shame the other make.But as I predict,before you know they hit 6th gear in 2 minutes.Oh ya,Those earlier first choice playlist did made their way back too.Before I could interrupt again... "Tayror bestoo,soundo goodto anone play oo Led Zeppelinto yokohama Hotero Cariforniaro shizuka americane guitaroo gooto" says him...again I don't get what he said to me but I knew if there's  1 best,2 good and a Led Zeppelin included in that same long sentence.It can only mean one thing.Goodto?

From one hand to another the Taylor went.While retaining the same song repertoire.Omit the surrounding with night time in the jungle we all would look like a bunch of old boyscout joying around a camp fire.Ha ha.

They never bothered about the Martseen anymore.And so it came to pass.Though they didn't bought it but I think they walked out the our shop with mixed and new perspective.In my honest opinion,Martseen may have its century old heritage under their belt to their advantage but that doesn't necessary guarantees a sale.What more a quick I have a gig tonight and need it now purchase.Its the factory setup that made the difference.Here Taylor Guitars has the consistency and upper hand which I believe matters more to us mortals.Simple as the name is pronounced,Setup is where sales can be won or lost.It shows how serious a guitar company is about their products finding a home.Thumbs up Taylor Guitars!

As for the Taylor in this entry.Not that it wasn't setup well,It plays good before but after an X-Y=Z work,It just plays much better now.

Never went to El Cajun


subversion.sg said...

I keep trying Martins but I also keep NOT buying them :-)

YusTech said...

Were you with among that jap group that day 11 years ago?Ha ha.