17 July 2014

Gibson Les Paul Standard Silver Burst GCLE

If you're wondering what GCLE is,its stands for Guitar Center Limited Edition(exact quantity unknown). I guess it means its made exclusively for them and can only be purchase from them(you can do that when you're up their sales by many folds and continuous off course). I'm still waiting for WFLE to be a reality.

The guitar needed nothing more than a minor setup and some shiny cosmetics added.It shows signs of lovingly play time.This one however is quiet cleanly manufactured.Routinely I would always take a peek anywhere I'm allowed inside it.One of the tone cap(neck) was bitten off or broken by someone or something.I replaced both with Sprague Orange Drops supplied by Khalid Fadil The Cap Meister of KGA Tech.It does look much better than before.Elegant and suiting.The default string was to thick to my taste so I had to go down Eb.Much better and less fighting with the guitar.The pickups tonal has lots of clarity even at full high gain.Its tonal and sustain was indeed fulfilling when doing slow hand blues particularly when bending with vibrato.Dislike the machine heads though.Its the wrong shape for the wrong guitar.That design Sir should only be on the Corona guitars.My personal opinion of course. 

My first impression was how could they had put such finish on this.Unique maybe for some,collectable to few,limited run to those who know.I mean they could've done this on a lower tier model such as Studios etc at least but hey,despite what ever color its given,a Gibson is a Gibson and it will sell.Don't believe me,watch Some Assembly Required on youtube.They churned it out on moving hangars like a T Shirt factory.Each of those bodies will become a guitar destine for music shops worldwide and will end up on someone's lap.That's a guarantee.

Surfice to say by not undermining the other rival copies whom consciously trying to one up Gibson every time by introducing near mirror 3D like maple gloss finish,studied and improved set neck construction,equally if not better electronics,slim tapered neck feels while unconsciously hinting its a LP killer for the price but mind you this is a Gibson.The Gibson to be frank.They don't have to do anything more than they already are now other than maintaining its close to tradition guitar building,any type of wood/finish they choose to do,common found characteristic burr binding marks,fragile handle with care please reminder,historically there on the records pickup tones,iconic with richly long heritage of know how(hearsay),going back n forth from innovation to what once was,heated forum debates and last but not least an arm and leg price tag.For shiny n tougher Gibsons,press backspace then type Epiphone.Yes,I come to agree despite the expected sloppyness(on most I've seen in the past).A Gibson is a Gibson and they sell quiet well,by the day if not the hour,global if not local.Always did,always have,always will.Many in denial including yours truly are aware of this.

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