26 December 2014

Sorry bro,pickup spring's out the window.

I love pickup installations.Personally because its chore is the same to the going ons in all factory worldwide.For someone like me its like going to work at 3 different factory anytime of the week but from the comfort of my workshop.For my quick sloppy wiring its like working for them Chinese or Indo fake guitar makers,for clean above average,its like doing work for Gibson,PRS etc.For the good clean work its like working for ESP Japan.Its the only country in the world that enforces the "penampar jepun" if your work not up to their standards.Its just my guess but when I think about it every MIJ product has the highest human attention to detail,design,ergonomics and uniqueness than anywhere else.I believe there's a slap enforcer station on every floor of the dept,ready to smack your head the moment your design,prototype,manufacture,packing,loading and unloading deviate from what suppose to.If I were to work there I would be deaf or dumb from the smacking in a year.Which ever came first.Except for the CEO.Nobody slaps him but his wife.No disrespect to the Germans,they will smack you with their wrench then and there for the same reason.Also to prove their tools are of high strength quality.Well its my theory.Ha ha

Pickup installations lets me be part of that significant tonal changes that will happen to a guitar.Its an opportunity to understand what was and what has changed.How much I could store those data to use for the next client seeking advice cannot be guaranteed.

I can't recalled how many times I end up spending 15min to a day looking for that flown out spring.Why a day?well because I have to put that work aside to do the next.Make that two just in case I still couldn't find it.It could be anywhere in the room to your shirt/pant pocket.Then there's the recreation of the scene and figuring the possible trajectory of the said object much like what you see in CSI Miami.So the photos are pretty much self explanatory for avoiding such happenings.

Penampar Jepun - According to my father from his father is a method used by Japanese soldiers during the occupation of Malaya to instill fear and order to the local.1941-1945.

Crocodilos Clipoterus - Aligator Clip

Thank you


Cikgu Aziz said...

You know, your "Crocodilos Clipoterus" tool is just as effective but way cheaper than Stewmac's "Humbucker Helpers." I am impressed.

YusTech said...

Stewmac tool does it charms when with pickup ring,Crocodilos clipoterus work on both pickup ring and pickguard.Its cheap and it works. hehe

Cikgu Aziz said...

Heh3x, Stewmac will be jealous. And ... hope you don't mind, but I'm borrowing your CC idea for future jobs :)

Ijau D. Koceng said...

aaaa~ petua yg bagus!