8 May 2015

Music Man Stingray 5 pot modification

This is a repair tip/mod done to one MusicMan Stingray 5.One of the pot broke a leg.Since its an active system,the pot would likely be different from passive system.Looking at the damaged pot indicates 50k pot on its back.Due to the urgency I had to figure out other fitting replacement that would do the job.A walk to the local Fender Distributor for strings made me stumble on a couple of CTS 50k Audio pots.From the packaging I know its been there for many years.I bought all just in case plus it does fits the description (brand and resistance profile) of the broken one.The pot legs differs but easily resolved using pre cut bare copper wire.The unit works fine however I did overlooked one thing,the old pot has a center but the new one doesn't. I explain to the owner that for now he has to detent it by eye and ears.Job done,music goes on.

Some helpful link for reference

Tons of Stingray Preamp info Here
Fender pot and part number Here

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Ijau D. Koceng said...

out of topic question, but still about potentiometer

pernah cuba humbucker (passive) with 250k pot? ada apa2 perbezaan ketara?

YusTech said...

bass bertambah berbanding 500k

Revend Worn said...
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