14 November 2015

Ibanez JS24P nut alert!

Hello readers,

I wanted to post this tech tip yesterday but I thought 2 tech tips in one day seems to many.Unexpectedly I've written to many Ibanez post the past several days,but this can't wait cause there maybe others out there facing the same unexpected problem.So here goes.

 This JS24P was bought a week or two before it was sent in.For the past 7 month I've been playing my Jackson with the trem arm off.I think I've come full circle in my technique(not that many) and probably bored with it anyway.But this JS with the Edge was inviting to be abuse (musically of course.Hehe).I'm expecting joyful satch boogie goodness from this Premium!

As soon as I dived and pull it,the tuning was out terribly.It was much worst than Fender vintage tremolo.Very unexpected particularly from a Premium!

A check at the nut showed the pair of nut screw mount protruding more than it should.Now I don't know whether the QC person at the factory even plays the trem arm before letting this/them pass.From how I look at it its impossible for the clamps to lock down the strings.Tightening it with full force will ruin those threads in the holes.I don't have to tell you that you have to buy a new lock nut set after.Very unexpected particularly from a Premium!

Desperate time,desperate measures,I don't have a lathe but couple with a coarse file and drill driver,its a good enough steady hands lathe for me to shave the top a bit for the screw to not be in the way anymore.Very unexpected particularly from a Premium!

So check your Ibanez JS24P too before/after buying one before you too will say "Very unexpected particularly from a Premium!"

I am not a qualified reviewer but I'm giving Hoshino Gakki one star for this fiasco at where it shouldn't be. Maybe they profiled the neck too thin maybe they'd used the wrong screws.?Wait..how much is this guitar again?

Expecting the QC isn't me/buyer/dealer

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Ijau D. Koceng said...

"Very unexpected particularly from a Premium!"