19 November 2015

Valley Arts Standard Pro

Hello readers,

Despite its look,this is a genuine Valley Arts guitar,its one of those crazy thing you do when you're young.especially to a guitar that you know nothing about.In the 80's through 90's Valley Arts were unheard off here,but thankfully now with the internet many are aware about the brand past glory.Its becoming sought after too.

This was a due refret work.The neck was hard to take out despite its being a bolt on so I had to fret it as it is.I don't know what the owner did to it.I thought about using the Dunlop #6000 but I come to dislike the pre cut 2 inch length because of high wastage when radius(ing) it.When I put it in the fret bender,the first part(1/4) always gets bent(crooked) then the rest gets curve to the right radius.Bent is a waste,curve is useful.I'll stop buying short pre cut Dunlop until somebody bring in their 2 foot length bunch.I'm sticking with Stewmac 2 foot fretwires  for now..

These EMG's has been in many battle

The bridge is Kahler and its as good as the other one.Bear in mind each of those intonation screws is left hand inch threads.

The dent spots were resolve with rosewood dust and superglue.

The bench cover off to the laundry so do forgive the table ugly nature.Hehe 

The nut locking screws were replaced with 9/64 allen.The threads is exact.

I'll be busy in the coming weeks,more refrets and another academic attempt on a maple fingerboard,so see you when I see you



Cikgu Aziz said...

I'd rate this Valley Arts job a 10/10 but they only allow a max of 8/10.

YusTech said...

8 is good enough Cikgu,there's room for future improvement.hehe.