13 December 2015


Another bass with another interesting issue?Its ESP turn to get busted by this writer.Well okay I know some of you readers are shouting "Its an LTD you idiot!".I know that and I certainly can see/read what's on its headstock.That's why I'm not blaming LTD.I blame the mother company that owns this brand and they are ESP Japan or is it USA? Wherever they decide where the HQ should be then.Having said that,I take great care to who/where I'm pointing my middle finger/thumb at.This time I have both hands pointing at east and west ESP HQ.

The bass were bought used but despite that the condition is quiet immaculate.The battery clip had to be change to a better type.This was suppose to be a spot setup but had to be admitted for the nut to be look at.It was replace with a cheap plastic,filed too deep with audible open buzz after I straighten the neck.The nut work was a mess too.I was glad the owner agreed to leave it because when it comes to model that's new to me.I like to do a bit of exploring myself.

The construction and hardware are good.The bridge allows one to choose string through body or hook to the bridge itself.Very practical for restringing if one chooses the latter.

There's nothing more to write about when the built is this good especially at where it matter the most(the neck) except the first sentence that began this entry.I'll get to that shortly.

According to my not so old ESP catalog the active preamp in this one is ESP's own ABQ3 3 Band Active EQ so I'm curious to look what's under the hood,well okay.I confess.Not just look but taking it out,peeling the adhesive velcro to have better peek of the PCB.Let's take it apart!

To my surprise and after some googling,it isn't what I thought as written in the catalog.Its definitely not ESP's ABC123EQ or what ever name they gave it.Its in fact a Seymour Duncan STC-3M4!!.

Also if my hunch is right all LTD basses that comes with similar knobs configuration will have the same preamp? I don't know,it may too.

Do you too owned this model or planning to get one.You now know the guts is from another maker,a well known maker that is.Maybe not much spoken about in Bass Magazines but whether or not this is an issue is entirely up to you.I'm not going email or complaint them.I know they lied but to me its a good lie anyway.A surprise inclusion is how I like to put it.

Know this also,the stock output came with bass is Switchcraft!My client bought this bass used at 1/6th of the list price,like paying for the preamp and take the bass for free!So thumbs to you buddy!

My pleasure

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