3 May 2018

Gibson Invader

This is another unreleased repair file that I've found in my hard drive. Reason being I always excel at not labeling most of my New Folders. Every time I created a New Folder, I like to leave it like that for I don't know how long. How many of you out there does the same thing? Not many I see sighh... Well for those whom like me I can tell you this. I found the 50 plus New Folders in my hard drive to be an adventure when I've used up my internet data. LOL . Not so much of a bad thing if I may say.

Okay on to the guitar in this post. This is a Gibson Invader made in 80's I think. I have to say that the toggle switch is at the right spot. It was purchase used by the owner somewhere in mid 2000. By the time it reaches my bench it had a lot of worn frets. An obvious refret work it'll be. The electronics needed a due overhauling. There was a shortage of CTS pots at the time I think so I went with Fender 500k pots by Bourns, Korean made toggle and of course Switchcraft output jack. String were Elixir as they are the best for the equator.

Upon looking at the pickups I saw a possibility of replacing the two wire to three conductor, besides the pickup wires are old anyway. There's a how to video guide in youtube and coincidentally the channel has the same name as mine. Could be my long lost twin who knows. Hehe Part I and Part II 

During the work I went to Daiso to pass some time and look at things over there. I saw a bamboo chopping board. I thought it would be a good wiring template and bought two. Best MYR10 purchase decision ever made. I also made a transparent cavity cover not that anything wrong with the default one. I guess I my itchy hands syndrome got to a point that it was unstoppable.

I think this concludes this report but I will update this post should anything new comes across my mind. Till then have a day and goodbye.

Thank you


Ijau D. Koceng said...

sebelum ada step drill, saya guna kadbod kotak sebagai wiring template, sekarang guna plywood biasa

btw, always a pleasure to witness your wiring/soldering masterpiece, boleh jadi sebagai rujukan :)

YusTech said...

Berkenaan template saya masih belum dapat banyak guitar untuk ditekap. Baru tiga sahaja setakat ini. Mudah-mudahan diwaktu kehadapan akan bertambah nanti.

On the wiring style when a client is willing to spend for it then it would my pleasure to do the work but in most circumstances I can do only average. That's is the reality in today's economy.

Thank you Tuan for the kind words.